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About us



Its long experience in perfumes and cosmetics development gives an irreplaceable know-out to our Society GMT (GLOBAL MARKETING TRADING S.A.), which has established worldwide its own creator brands.



GMT provides innovative quality perfume and cosmetics ranges, offering a wide selection of products balancing with the market expansion or even counter-balancing it while indicating the new trend to follow. Responsible manufacture, French creations, design, quality selection in total harmony with the environment, are the guideline of GMT’s expansion. Originality, attractiveness and quality being our key words, our goals are to provide to our customers complete ranges of perfumes and body care products combining luxury, as offered by the nature itself as well as by modern responsible production, and authenticity, for the well-being of the whole family.

With its small, but very dynamic team, GMT has developed a further private label division offering turnkey products to brands. Thanks to a wide variety of items, we coordinate every stage of the life of a perfume, from selection of components up to the finished products.

We would be please to create, exclusively for you, simply from an idea, a wish, a request, your own range of perfumes with all its uniqueness, as it will be given to it by our designers.





GLOBAL MARKETING TRADING - 43 Route de Mondorf - L-5470 WELLENSTEIN - LUXEMBOURG - Tél. : (+352) 26 70 90 - Fax : (+352) 26 70 90 50