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Aloe Vera Care

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Hair Care with Aloe Vera



Shampoo for color treated hair 300ml


Shampoo 300ml Restores Softness and Shine. Formula enriched with 40% Aloe Vera, panthenol, vitamin B3, also contains a UV protection agent. Regular used of this active treatment revitalizes the hair, keeps color looking fresh longer and deeply nourished and strengthens the hair, leaving it shiny and silky.



Shampoo for dry and damaged hair 300ml


Shampoo 300ml Restores, moisturizes, repairs and fortifies hair structure. Especially designed for very dry and brittle hair. The high quality of Aloe Vera while smoothing the damaged hair, reduces also hair breakage and protects against split ends. The almond milk included in its formula adds suppleness and a silky sheen to hair.





Shampoo for hair with oily roots and dry ends 300ml


Shampoo 300ml Helps scalp and hair to revitalize, in decreasing oily roots effects and giving more suppleness to hair ends. Hair become quickly naturally healthy. This is a mild shampoo having very gentle cleansing properties combining natural ingredients such as: chamomiles, hops, valerian, mistletoe and fennel.






Express leave-in conditioner 125ml




The ideal port-wash hair care supplement when you are in a rush. No rising required.


Conditioner 300ml


Brings moisture and volume. The balm leaves a silky sheen to the hair making it more supple and manageable




Hair Repair Serum 125ml


For very dry, broken and damaged hair. Enriched with proteins, this serum rejuvenate damaged hair and prevent split ends.

Body Care with Aloe Vera





Body firming cream 200ml


Luxurious body cream, having exceptional moisturizing properties, thank to Aloe, Ruscus, Algae and vitamin E. Using daily this lotion helps to remove cellulite and make skin smoother.






Shower Gel for Hair and Body 300ml


2 in 1 care ideal for all usage, combining 40% Aloe Vera and vitamins to clean gently skin





Moisturizing Skin Repair Gel 200ml


The most natural and moisturizing gel available on market, 98% of Aloe Vera gel formulated, is a perfect treatment for all types of skin. It helps skin to regenerate, maintain tonicity and skin suppleness. Ideal for after sun lotion and post-depilation.






Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream 100ml


This intense moisturizing cream smoothes hands with its special combination of active ingredients (Aloe Vera and vitamins). Your skin is left feeling noticeably softer and more redefined.




Lip Balm 5,7ml


Ideal as lip stick base, 20% Aloe Vera formulated for lips moisturizing and protection.





Moisturizing and Nourishing Night cream 50ml


For normal combination skin, these both are intensive care treatment improving skin suppleness and promoting its natural regeneration. The skin becomes softer and feels smooth and silky.




Moisturizing and Nourishing Day cream 50ml


For normal combination skin, these both are intensive care treatment improving skin suppleness and promoting its natural regeneration. The skin becomes softer and feels smooth and silky.





Eye contour cream 15ml


Anti-aging and Toning: Perfume free and enriched with shea butter this eye cream will relax the delicate eye contour zone preventing puffiness and dark circles.



- Aloe Vera is one of 300 species and is the most popular one.

- Aloe Vera grows in subtropical and tropical areas. It is commercially grown in Florida, California, Texas, Cuba, Mexico, Spain and Australia.

- The leaves of the Aloe plant grow from the base in a rosette pattern. Mature plants can grow tall as 4’. Each plant usually has 12-16 leaves, that, when mature, may weight up to three pounds. The plant can be harvested every 6 to 8 weeks by removing 3 to 4 leaves per plant





- The earliest record: 3500 years old, usage written on Egyptian Papyrus.

- Called the «Miracle Plant».

- Used by legendary beauty: Cleopatra, Nefertiti: to keep skin soft and young.

- Used by Ancient Greeks, Arabs, and Roman doctors and American Herbalists from 18th to 19th century





- From leaves is produced fresh gel and latex.

- Aloe Vera extract is made bypulverizing the whole leaf of the plant

- Aloe Vera gel and juice are madefrom the substance of the inner leaf

- Trusted ingredients to help to fight wrinkles and achieve a smooth skin and a youthful appearance





8 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS (essential to human body, but can not be manufactured by body)


- Acemannan and Polyssaccharides – Acemannan being the most effective ingredients of Aloe Vera having healing properties

- Vitamins, A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E

- Enzymes: most of them beneficial to human metabolism

- Saponins: natural soapy substances: cleansing and anti-septic properties

- Mineral and trace elements: iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc

- Lignin: gives Aloe Vera its penetrating powers

- Essential oils





Mypa Aloe Vera uses Aloe Vera plants commercially grown in California. The brand carries the international Aloe Science Council seal of approval. It guarantees customers against imitation of « Natural » cosmetics and skin care products.

More information : http://www.iasc.org












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